Sydney-based millionaire is looking for a personal assistant to travel the world with

March 26th, 2019

There is a self-made millionaire from Sydney, Australia who is currently looking for a personal assistant to travel around the world with — and this is not a drill.

If you’re single (well, this is not really a requirement) or just bored of that monotonous, routinary life, then you might be interested in working with Matthew Lepre, a 26-year-old businessman who travels the world as part of his growing e-commerce and coaching business.

Photo credit: Matthew Lepre

In a YouTube video posted on March 19, Lepre announced that he is in search of candidates who will join him in what he calls, “the coolest job in the world.” He also explained in the video—which now has 100,693 views as of this writing—that his personal assistant will “travel the globe and work personally with him.”


According to AsiaOne, the young businessman is earning at least AUD120,000 (S$115,427) per month just from working on his laptop. With that hefty amount of money, the hired applicant will not just see the most breathtaking destinations in the world, but will also receive $52,000 as annual base salary.

In an interview with, Lepre shared how traveling has exposed him to the different cultures of the world, “Travelling while I work has allowed me to live my ideal life, and I want to give someone the opportunity to do the same alongside me.”

But before clicking that “submit” button, applicants must meet or possess the following requirements. First, the candidate must be over 18 years old and has the ability to multi-task, arrange travel itineraries and have proficient knowledge in social media channels. He or she must also be meticulous and hold a valid passport for at least 12 months.


“I have had so many people contacting me wanting to know how they can also live the dream lifestyle and now I need someone to help me out,” Lepre told

“I’m after someone that is organized and has great management skills, can arrange travel itineraries, has strong knowledge of social media channels, ability to multitask, excellent attention to detail along with other business admin tasks such as computer skills.”

For Lepre, it doesn’t really matter whether you are a college graduate or not, for as long as you can help him ensure that the business is running smoothly–then he might consider you for the position. To know more about Lepre’s offer, including his mission and vision, you may visit

Good luck!

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