Warner Night comes back for the second time, celebrate today’s colorful OPM scene

March 27th, 2019

Entitled Warner Night: Shuffle Play, the event will be held on March 27, 2019 at saGuijo Café + Bar and will be graced by the following rising OPM acts within the WMP roster: Carousel Casualties, Lesha, Kiana Valenciano, Sud, and Quest. A mix of urban, electronic, folk, and rock – this night’s music is bound to be an absolute sonic treat as we enjoy these acts’ greatest hits and welcome new music!

Just like last year’s event (Warner Night: Victory Party which then celebrated IV of Spades’ successful turn at a regional musical competition as well as their single launch for 2018’s most streamed track, “Mundo”), this is a flagship event hosted by Warner Music Philippines dedicated to growing and promoting its flagship OPM playlist, “OPM On The Rise”.

Warner Night: Shuffle Play is brought to you by Warner Music Philippines in partnership with Tarsier Records. Special thanks to the following: One Mega Group, Meg Magazine, Status Magazine, InqPop, MYX, Magic 89.9, Rakista Radio, and AXL Powerhouse.

Please check out “OPM On The Rise” on Spotify  and Apple Music


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