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Street kids sell their artworks as an alternative for seeking alms

Instead of begging for cash, these kids from Calbayog City choose sell their works of art to earn money.

March 13th, 2019

According to UNICEF,  in 2015, a staggering 31.4 percent of children were living below the basic needs poverty line. With this figure alone, it’s not shocking to know that many children go to the streets to beg and seek alms.

Even if there are many government and non-government organizations that are tasked with helping impoverished children in the country, it’s just not really enough to protect them from the “dangers” of the metro

But according to the Facebook post of Adrian Moslares,  in Calbayog City, Samar,  instead of seeking alms in the streets, these children sell their artworks for the values of 1 PHP and 5 PHP. These works of art consist of various sketches of cartoon characters, the Philippine flag, and pottery items placed on pieces of cardboard. 

Salute to this Calbayognon Artist !Gin tututduan niya an mga Palaboy na kabataan na imbis manlimos, maghimo ngan…

Adrian Moslares 发布于 2019年2月20日周三

According to Moslares, “The pictures were taken near Gaisano Grand Calbayog at 7 pm on February 20, 2019. Napadaan lang po ako nang mapansin ko yung mga Batang Kalye na nagdo-drawing at may nakasulat sa Karton na ART FOR SALE. Dun ko palang na pansin na may lalaking nagtuturo sa mga bata.  Siya po si Dennis Calag isang Calbayognon artist tinuturuan po yung mga bata na imbis manlimos, ay magbenta ng kanilang ginawang Artwork sa halagang P1 – P5.”

(I was just passing by when I noticed these children working on a series of artworks in the street. In front of them is a placard saying, ‘ART FOR SALE.’ Then, I noticed a guy in front of the children, teaching them how to draw. His name is Dennis Calag, a Calbayognon artist who taught impoverished children to sell their artworks to sell for 1 to 5 PHP, instead of seeking alms.)

“Dun po ako na touch at kinunan ko ng picture para magsilbing inspiration sa ibang kabataan at tsaka sa ibang artist and hoping also na there is somebody na willing tumulong sa mga Batang Palaboy,” he added.

(I was touched by that scene, so I took a picture of it to serve as an inspiration to the youth and to aspiring artists in the hope that somebody can help these children in need.)

As of writing, the viral post has already garnered around 6,000 reactions and 7,000 shares. It was even featured by several major news networks around the country.

If you encounter a situation like this, then don’t hesitate to patronize their products. Because remember, these little acts of generosity can really make a difference./FM


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