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This Twitter thread reveals the true character of Dante Gulapa

Here's why a lot of people love Dante Gulapa so much!

March 12th, 2019

For the past several weeks, the popular culture trend on Philippine social media has been sharing videos and memes of an individual named Dante Gulapa dancing erotically in his underwear – and exposing the various tattoos on his body. Since these videos went viral, Dante Gulapa has become a household name everyone knows.

When Gulapa’s viral video first created a buzz online, many Filipinos did not seem to be immune to his crazy dance moves; even celebrities can’t help but try dancing to his unique steps. In fact, today he already has his own fandom called, ‘Gulapanatics’And his popularity landed him several television appearances including a feature in one of the most popular magazine shows in the country.

Baby palipad nako🎶#39: Pauwi Nako – O.C Dawgs

Dante Gulapa Short Dance Covers 发布于 2019年2月17日周日

There, he narrated how although he displays his quirky and fun side the internet, he actually experienced many hardships in life like many Filipinos.  After knowing this, numerous Gulapanatics were inspired upon knowing the viral sensation’s back story.

protect dante gulapa at ALL costs pic.twitter.com/2PJJFzgGli

— maze (@yanaventurina) March 1, 2019

Gulapanatics often described Dante Gulapa as a soft-hearted guy and to prove it, here is a Twitter thread that’s been trending online. It describes a pleasant encounter a Gulapanatic experienced while hanging out with Dante Gulapa.

Prepare your tissues ‘cause you’re in for an emotional ride!  

Bale ayun, solid gulapanatics kami ng girlfriend ko. Tuwing nagllive si big papa d sinasabihan nya ko then sabay kami nanonood. Nung time na yun sinabi nya yung address nya so sinave ko yun and last March 3 pinuntahan ko siya sa kanila para magpagreet para sa birthday ni deng. pic.twitter.com/T1VLFLjGUC

— Julyone (@julyoneclincher) March 9, 2019

After nun tinanong nya ko kung friend na ba nya ako sa facebook, sabi ko hindi pa kasi di na siya maadd sa fb. Sabi niya sige sandali. Kinuha nya motor nya nagpaload naubos na daw kasi data nya. Pagbalik niya pota siya pa mismo nag add sakin ☹️❤️ pic.twitter.com/yr3xASS8ef

— Julyone (@julyoneclincher) March 9, 2019

Pagkatapos nya magbuhat kinuha nya yung motor tapos sabi nya tara na. Papunta na kaming comshop nyan. Sobrang saya ko nyan tinanong ko sarili ko kung gerlpren ko ba may birthday o ako HAHAHAHAHA pic.twitter.com/N69By6Q1Eq

— Julyone (@julyoneclincher) March 9, 2019

Pagpasok ng comshop sabi nya ate paopen po dalawa tig 3 hrs sakin mo ilista. Tapos sabi ko hindi po ako na magbabayad nung sakin nakakahiya. Mga tatlong beses kong pinilit pero ayaw talaga niya mamehn pic.twitter.com/8Qfj2SA77g

— Julyone (@julyoneclincher) March 9, 2019

Bihira din siyang magcheck ng notifs or messages kaya shookt ako nung nagcomment siya sa post ko 😶

ops hi @andrxagarcia pic.twitter.com/Rqvq1s7pIi

— Julyone (@julyoneclincher) March 9, 2019

Upon reading this twitter thread, many netizens were quick to give their reactions. 

NAIYAK AKO SA THREAD HUHUHU LEGIT@busybrandon @angieetaveraa @mariakrzlanne @jaybperez

— Ced (@demigodchemist) March 10, 2019

Boypren of the yeaar

— Aivan Afable (@ElKagawad) March 10, 2019

@tophercantos huhuhu 💖💖💖

— ᴀɴᴛʜᴇᴀ ✨ (@theaarante) March 10, 2019

Same girl, same.


— mariel and 79 others (@marielvctrn) March 10, 2019

When asked why Twitter user @julyoneclincher decided to tweet about Dante Gulapa, he stated, “It was really just an appreciation post. I had no other intentions but to tell people about Sir Dante’s genuine personality.”

“I had a wonderful encounter with him and I didn’t expect him to be that humble and pure. I think he deserves to be known for who he truly is behind social media,” he added.

Many netizens have also supported this story by sharing their various pleasant encounters with Dante Gulapa. With many online users sharing the same sentiments about Dante Gulapa, it’s not that shocking why many Filipinos are hooked on to his charm. Seriously who wouldn’t wanna stan this precious individual? /FM

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