People are offering their third wheel ‘services’ this Valentine’s Day

February 07th, 2019

It may be a universal celebration of love, but let’s be honest here: Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. Some people will be celebrating the holiday listening to Céline Dion’s “All By Myself,” raising a glass to their lonely hearts or simply not joining the ruckus of lovers out and about on February 14. But just because you don’t have someone special to spend Valentine’s Day this doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the holiday.

Some people thought about making use of their time and certain “skills” to offer their services for couples on Valentine’s Day. If you need someone to third wheel with you and your loved one, just hit them up, and they’re willing to offer you a good deal.

Pwede niyo akong i-hire this coming Valentine's Day:

* Tagabitbit ng pagkain – Php 100
* Tagapicture, tagavideo – Php 110
* Tagahawak ng flowers – Php 90
* Kasabwat sa surprise – Php 300
* Taga ayieeeeeeeeee – Php 400

Just PM me.

— 𝐇𝐚𝐧𝐲🥀 (@remotohoney) January 11, 2019

But if you’re looking for a partner in crime who you can hire to take vengeance against your ex, this one may be up for it.

Pwede niyo akong i-hire this Valentine's day:






— P'James (@bimbiimnida) January 11, 2019

And just like a real business-minded person, some are offering “freebies” to potential customers.

Pwede niyo akong i-hire this coming Valentine's Day:

Tagabitbit ng pagkain – Php 100
Tagapicture, tagavideo – Php 110
Tagahawak ng flowers – Php 90
Kasabwat sa surprise – Php 300
Taga ayieeeeeeeeee – Php 400
Maging jowa – Libre

Just DM me.

— rence (@Renceeeyyy) January 11, 2019

Others are willing to do it for the love of free food.


Third Wheel For Valentines Day

✔️Date Organizer/ Planner
✔️Expert in bouquet selection
✔️Knowledgeable of good dating venues
✔️Baggage Courier
✔️Will eat your left overs
✔️Most of all, I’ll be very quiet#pakaininmolangako

— miggyfbaluyut (@miggybaluyut) February 4, 2019

Or give you cheap rates and a free shoulder to cry on. We all need one sometimes, especially on a day like Valentine’s.

For hire po ako sa Valentines Day

Taga hawak ng bulaklak = 15 pesos
Taga bigay ng chocolate = 15 pesos
3rd wheel photographer = 45 pesos
Taga ayiee sa mga COUPLESSS diyan = 10 pesos
Taga kanta = 30 pesos
Taga deliver ng love letter = 10 pesos
Shoulder to cry on = FREEEE

— Carmellâ🌻 (@ellab_95) February 4, 2019

Those who have skills in photography are willing to third wheel with you and give you IG-worthy and #couplegoals shots. Think about it—you’d get to keep your special day in well-captured photos as a keepsake, and you’d also help support these photographers and their art.

San Junipero inspired shots (monochrome shoot)

nikon 5300
Photo: @lesbianjezuus (me)
Direct: @irisvicencio (thank you uwu)
In photo: @jughnn and @spicynoods
Pls hire me as your Third Wheel Photographer
1.5k is my minimum rate, just hmu or dm me
perfect for Valentines Day! pic.twitter.com/UcM3H8ShaK

— ψ julian dyke ψ (@lesbianjezuus) January 29, 2019

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This may have been a trend a few years back but single people can also “rent a boyfriend” on Valentine’s Day. For a day, you can hire someone to pose as your boyfriend so you can finally end your Tita’s question: “Kailan ka magkakaboyfriend?

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See, there’s no need to be sad if you’re single on Valentine’s Day or if you don’t have a special date. February 14 could be just like any other day or an opportunity for you to make money. After all, just like any other holiday, Valentine’s Day is also a marketing ploy for businesses. And the best thing is, it’s payday for some people, too!


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