14 Things you can do even if you’re ‘luhaan, sugatan, ‘di mapakinabangan’ this Valentine’s Day

February 13th, 2018

1. It’s payday on Valentine’s Day for some people so don’t forget to “Treat yo self!”

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2. Even if you don’t have someone to spend Valentine’s Day with, make it a day dedicated to yourself.

Describe your Valentine's Day with a meme or GIF! 😂 pic.twitter.com/aAemkZtgiy

— InqPOP! (@InqPOP) February 13, 2018

Cheers to me! I love me. Self-supporting, ganon.


3. Remind yourself that it’s okay to put yourself before others.

Note to self: Self love isn’t selfish

— DUA LIPA (@DUALIPA) January 24, 2018

All hail our guide and savior, Dua Lipa.

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4. Try not to shout “magbe-break din kayo” everytime you see a couple passing by.

Story time : I bought a blue rose at dangwa because it's my brother's prom and he wanted to give a rose to his GF.

So while I was walking home, with the rose, biglang may ate girl na bumulong sa tenga ko, sabi niya, "Magbe-break din kayo ate."

I was shookt.

— Fayth Ong ; (@F8_Ong) February 8, 2018

Ash Wednesday din bes, ayaw mo magkasala diba?


5. Spend quality time with your pets because they can love you unconditionally.

"she kissed me back😭😭😍" cutest thing ever https://t.co/F5vdVIgUaW

— no (@tbhjuststop) February 2, 2018


6. Since it’s a Wednesday, try wearing pink or bright and happy colors para kunyari nagma-match sa emotions mo.

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7. Dry your tears because you know you have better things to do… IDK, like finishing your deliverables for the day?!

Alam nyo kung anong magandang gawin sa Valentine's Day? Wednesday yon, 'di ba? May pasok, so mag-aral kayo. 🙄 Ugh ang lalandi nyo huy.
-bitter f*ck

— CVSU-SHS Confessions (@CvsuShs) February 11, 2018

Gurl, may pasok e.


8. Listen to music that will lighten up your mood instead of those who’ll just make you remember things you shouldn’t.

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Take a break from your “wasak” playlist.


9. Support your friends who are in a relationship, still.

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Thirdwheeling your way through Valentine’s Day this year.


10. If you don’t have a date, take your family out instead.

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Or stay at home and make it a family movie date!


11. Mark it as the day you’ll finally try fulfilling your #goals!

Once I’m out of debt, in shape, successful, acne free, and have my life together it’s over for you bitches

— 👻chris.chaidez (@Chaidez777) February 8, 2018

Success is the best revenge, sabi nga nila.


12. Or the day you’ll promise yourself not to let those who hurt you get into you again.

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13. Focus on more important matters because after all, Valentine’s is just another day.

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14. And face things with a stronger heart knowing that this day, where people celebrate love, won’t break you but only make you realize that you don’t need much to feel loved.

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Being alone doesn’t have to be lonely.


February pa lang naman, bes. Malay mo parating pa lang ang “plot twist” mo. 😉

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