You can name a cockroach for your loved one (or your ex) this Valentine’s Day

January 22nd, 2018

Valentine’s Day is drawing near and it could be the best day to celebrate love with your special someone, or the worst day to see pictures and be reminded of your ex. It’s one of those days when people worry about what to get for their partner, and even though flowers and chocolates still work for most people, we all know they’re getting too cliché now.

So if you’re planning on something different this year — probably a more exotic or weirdly romantic — a zoo thought about the perfect gift for your lover that’ll surely “take their breath away”. The best thing is, you can also do this for your ex but for very different reasons.

The Bronx Zoo in New York is offering couples — and even those who can’t feel that love is in the air — the chance to give “A Gift to Remember” this Valentine’s Day. To help give couples a unique way to celebrate their love for each other and raise funds for the zoo, they decided to put up a campaign called “Name a Roach.” And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like.

via Bronx Zoo

This upcoming special holiday, you can actually name a Madagascar hissing cockroach after someone you love or hate for $15! The zoo promotes that it is a special way of showing that your love for someone is eternal because “roaches are forever.” It could also be your chance to get back at someone who’s like a cockroach in your life. You know, annoying when they’re near and you always have this urge to step on them.

Naming a roach comes with an official digital certificate you can send to your loved ones or nemesis. You can also choose packages of cockroach-printed socks, cockroach pins and chocolates! (Not sure what to feel about those cockroach chocolates though.)

via Bronx Zoo

We just hope your lover won’t break up with you after receiving this gift. And hopefully you won’t spend the day killing off every cockroach you see when you think about your ex. Those cockroaches have families, too, you know. Just saying.

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