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WATCH: Dog reunites with owner who has Alzheimer’s Disease

November 16th, 2018

Dogs are selfless.

They may be incapable of speaking their true feelings but they know how to show gratitude to those who raised them. Even during the moments, their owners feel lost and unloved,  these creatures know how to cheer us up with their care and compassion.

Meet Cake – the loving dog who was owned by US Army veteran, Tony Karpaitis.  

Photo Credit: Facebook.com/The Dodo

Cake was found when she was a puppy. Karpaitis rescued and raised her together with his wife and granddaughter, Michelle.

After Karpaitis and his wife moved into a retirement home, Cake moved in with Michelle.  And then when Karpaitis started to forget things, it was confirmed that he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Michelle later got the idea of bringing Cake with her during visits. She believed bringing the dog with her will empower Karpaitis and give him a sense of purpose in life. So, she trained Cake using a dog psychology and proper dog behavior program. And when Cake passed the behavior test, she will be allowed to visit Karpaitis and his wife in the retirement home.

As they stepped in front of the door, Cake rushed to greet Karpaitis. To their surprise, Cake’s previous owner still recognized her.  However, he kept forgetting that Cake was a girl and kept saying, “You’re a good man.”

Michelle later explained to The Dodo, “he can’t comprehend the meaning behind a lot of words. I think Cake being there, he doesn’t have to communicate through words. He doesn’t have to worry about which words he has to say in order for her to understand.”

Watch their reunion here:

Elderly Man With Alzheimer's Disease Loves Visits From His Favorite Dog

When this woman's dad started suffering from Alzheimer's disease, she knew who could help him — the amazing dog they rescued together 😍

Posted by The Dodo on Sunday, November 11, 2018

This lovely story reminds us that dogs will never forget someone who loves and takes care of them. And even as the years go by, these creatures will remain loyal to their owners.

So to dog owners like Tony, I say, the brain may forget certain things, but the heart will always remember.

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