Sleeping in on weekends might lower risk of an early death, study says

May 24th, 2018

Now you don’t have to feel guilty whenever you oversleep on the weekends because it turns out to be helpful in lowering the risk of an early death.

YASSS! We’re ready for some snoozefest!

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A study made by researchers from Sweden and U.S. indicated that people (under 65 years old) who gets less than five hours of sleep on weekdays can compensate it if they manage to have a few more winks on the weekends. It means that those who sleep it off on weekends lived as long as those who regularly sleep six to seven hours.

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Previous study on sleep only pointed out that those who get less than five hours of sleep and those who oversleep (more than nine hours) regularly are at risk of an early death. But now, the new study shows that you can compensate for the crummy sleep on weekdays by getting more sleep on weekends.

Psychologist Torbjorn Akerstedt, director of the Stress Research Institute at Stockholm University, said that though “it seems that weekend compensation is good” for the sleep-deprived, the findings from the new research is still a “tentative conclusion” and should be investigated more.

Regardless of the findings, we still want to…

sleep, weekends, snooze,

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