Twitterverse decided to calculate The Rock’s crazy-as-hell jump in Skyscraper

February 10th, 2018

Because apparently, his stunt is impossible to pull off!

We have previously learned that when it comes to mistakes, the internet can be pretty savage in pointing it out. Whether it’s a movie poster mistake, a headline mishap, or a photoshop fail — people are bound to notice and make fun of it.

So when actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tweeted the new poster for his upcoming movie, people were quick to notice that something’s really off with it.

We’re all willing to sacrifice it all when it comes to protecting our families.
Here’s the first look at our original concept film, #SKYSCRAPER.
THIS SUNDAY during the #SuperBowl you’ll see how far one man will go to protect his wife and children. #SKYSCRAPER SUMMER 2018

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) February 2, 2018

People questioned whether The Rock can actually pull off this stunt. Though he has proven himself capable of doing many things that most humans can’t — as seen in most of his film, at least — people on Twitter decided to prove the impossibility of such a jump using science.

Twitter user @jpsmythe drew some parabolas to show that regardless of the way The Rock jumps from the ledge, he’ll end up falling to his death.

I’ve mocked up some parabolas for The Rock’s SKYSCRAPER jump. Red is assuming he jumped up a bit first; green assuming he ran forward and somehow didn’t lose momentum; yellow for a sort of squat-thrust thing.

Whichever you choose, rest in peace The Rock, as you are dead now.

— James Smythe (@jpsmythe) February 2, 2018

Another one decided to factor in The Rock’s height to calculate how fast he should travel in order to get to the other side safely.

So I did some science.

Assuming that there is no "jump-off" (which seems to be optimal here)

We can determine that the Rock would need to leave the platform at 12.7 meters per second (appr. 28.4 mph)

For comparison, Usain Bolt's fastest recorded speed is 27.4 mph.

— ✨New Year New Christian✨ (@ChristianBedwel) February 3, 2018

It turns out, he needs to be the fastest man who can make the tallest jump to pull it off!

So what I’m saying is that yes he could 100% add fastest man and longest jumpman to his record.

— ✨New Year New Christian✨ (@ChristianBedwel) February 3, 2018

And someone even did some serious math to prove the point! Crazy, right?

Well, let's use some math to just be sure.
Let's assume he doesn't jump but simply runs off and that our view is parallax free.
We know that the rock is 1.96 m tall and that he is 1.1 from is head to crouch if we put this image into a coordinate system … 1

— spolchen the festive bust (@spolchen) February 3, 2018

we can calculate that the rock is 0.73 units tall and therefore needs to "jump" 14.42 m wide.
Knowing that this is a horizontal launch we can say that the rock not only follows this parabola: f(x)=-0.05x^(2)+4.73, but we can also calculate how long the rock would be falling…2

— spolchen the festive bust (@spolchen) February 3, 2018

knowing that the rock will be falling for 1.21 s, we can now calculate his needed speed of ~12 m/s or 26.8 mph.
Now we need to only look up the average sprinting speed…
Which is at most 15 mph, good luck running as fast a Usain Bolt…

— spolchen the festive bust (@spolchen) February 3, 2018

Out of boredom I just checked if he were to make it in case he jumped, nope the rock still hits rock bottom.

— spolchen the festive bust (@spolchen) February 3, 2018

While others decided to just poke fun of the whole thing:

Non-engineers tend to neglect wind effects, I put a blue line that clearly shows the updraft from the fire below which carries the Rock to safety.

— Galen Kehler (@GalenKehler) February 3, 2018

How easily you forgot about the Olympics.

— McMike (@_McMike_) February 3, 2018

You missed the point that there is an invisible bridge like in Indy 3. All Dwayne has to do is throw magic blue dust on it and he shall make it.

— antondeck (@AntonDeck) February 2, 2018

There, he's made it. Cake and grief counseling will be available at the conclusion of the movie.

— Sach Warah (@sachwarah) February 3, 2018

Update from the producers:

— Tom Tompkins (@cptfunnyfunkins) February 3, 2018

Ah HA! You've fallen for classic misdirection! The gantry is a red herring. There was a MAN CANNON just out of frame!

— Joseph Lallo (@jrlallo) February 3, 2018

Easily fixed:

— Rapscallion (@RapscallionDK) February 4, 2018

You forgot: approached via offscreen trampoline – nails it

— Brendan Morrissey (@unsarcasticone) February 2, 2018

The answer is right there!

— Gillian de Nooijer (@GillianDN) February 3, 2018

You never fail to amaze us, Twitterverse!

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