This photoshop mishap is every magazine’s worst nightmare!

Especially if you happen to be a very popular magazine.


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People make mistakes — that comes without a surprise. But even though we still make mistakes — in life, in love, and in art— we try to keep it at a minimum. And as much as possible, no mistake at all. Or if we do have an uncalled for mishap, we all hope we’ll be able to rectify it just in time. Especially when we’re working on something that’s very important like an annual special edition magazine issue, for example.

Vanity Fair’s much-anticipated Hollywood issue just experienced its worst nightmare to date. It’s star-studded cover photo revealed that actress Reese Witherspoon has three legs.

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And of course, people noticed! One user even posted on Twitter saying that she’s trying to figure out whether the actress really have three legs in the photo.

And she’s not the only one!

Vanity Fair was quick to address the issue by stating that what they thought was her third leg was in fact just the lining of her dress…

But sorry Vanity Fair, people aren’t buying it!

But it wasn’t enough for Witherspoon to have three legs because it turns out, Oprah Winfrey has three hands as well!

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It’s a good thing though, that Witherspoon is such a sport and told her fans to still accept her even though she has three legs…

…and so did Oprah!

Don’t worry guys, we still accept you even though you have extra limbs!

But perhaps, Vanity Fair should heed this advice?


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