Lace Shorts For Men Are Here And It Is Now A Topic On The Internet

June 06th, 2017
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Submitted by: Julie May Palaca

Fashion knows no gender and it exists in the most unexpected time – plus in the most unexpected style.

Previously, The RompHim a.k.a “Men’s Romper” proved to the world that men’s wardrobe has a lot more to give off. With its edgy and untypical style, people were technically left astounded. RompHim is a counterpart of women’s romper and as defined by the creator itself, the get up is designed to take all outfits in one style.

Courtesy of RompHim

We’re fine and totally pumped with that creation but The Hologramcity wants more. Recently, they introduced the unusual, the sizzling hot and version 2.0 wear for men – The Lace Shorts. Yes, you read it right, men will now rock laces and see through clothes.

It is made up of light materials and uh-oh seamless fabric plus it is more of pastel colors so basically it is a total rule breaker since heavy fabrics and dark colors are the usual shorts we associate to a man.

Courtesy of

Of course people have something to say with this out of this world creation, here are some:

Over Twitter..

Some are positive comments

Then some are counter responses…

And yes, also on Instagram…

Bang! Here comes the negative ones…

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