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Jae draws fan backlash for derogatory comment towards JAMIE

January 10th, 2022

Jae seems to be catching more negative publicity after parting ways with his former agency JYP Entertainment.

In a Twitch livestream on January 8, 2022, Jae commented on JAMIE’s image which left a bad taste on his fans’ tongue. The ’50 Proof’ singer said, “Now that I’m not in K-Pop anymore, I can say this. Why is Jamie trying to be a th*t? That’s right, I said it, tell her! I said it. Tell her!”

Clips of him saying that has been making rounds on social media. Later in the livestream, he also mentioned that he considers JAMIE as a close friend and as a badass queen.

As everyone probably knows, the word ‘thot’ refers to a woman who has casual sexual relations with numerous people. And that is not how you would describe a close friend to a large audience.

JAMIE herself was shocked over his distasteful remarks and shared her thoughts in a now-deleted Tweet, also bringing up how they were both under the same company (JYP Entertainment) and how much she cared for him and his situation.

JAMIE also expressed her frustrations on how women are always being used for men’s humor to “appease incels”. This comes after she had shared how she had been receiving unsolicited NSFW pictures and messages as soon as she started being open and confident about her body.

Jae posted an apology on his Twitter account and tagged JAMIE for her to see it as well, stating that what he thought of as “friendly banter” turned out to be offensive.

Fans were nevertheless still disappointed and frustrated towards the ‘mom cut fruit’ singer, expressing their tiredness of defending him from all the negative backlash he’s been receiving—for the same mistakes over and over again. Others have begun saying that “they can’t support him” anymore, stating that he isn’t the person they loved before.

As a MyDay, it really hurts to see Jae as someone who would say these words without thinking about them. It’s disappointing to see the person who drew you in with their music to actually be an immature human being. It really just goes to show how much we never really know about the people we become fans of.

Hopefully (and I mean it with my entire heart), Jae takes a step back to assess whatever he’s been doing and saying and becomes better. Not that I, or any of his fans (ex-fans maybe) do think it’s going to happen.

Anyway, let’s all support the 4-members of DAY6! (Because you know, Jae is in hiatus from their activities.)


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