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DAY6’s Jae reassures fans following news of departure from band & label

January 04th, 2022

MyDays, are we okay from the news from these past few days?

On January 1, 2022 at 12 M.N. KST, Park Jaehyung, also known as Jae or Eaj, personally announced on his Twitter account that he will be taking a break from DAY6 activities. He formally addressed MyDays, the band’s fans, thanking them for staying with DAY6, and said that he will always cherish their moments of “sweating, running together, crying, and rejoicing together” from the past six years.

In a statement posted later in the day, JYP Entertainment, through the official DAY6 account on Twitter, announced that Jae has parted ways with the agency and with the group, after having “deep conversations” with the artist and after careful discussions with him. Jae’s contract termination with JYP Entertainment was effective since December 31, 2021.

Jae also held a Twitch stream on the same day, where he explained everything that was happening to fans who were concerned about his relationship with the boys (other members of DAY6). In the stream, he confirmed that as of January 1, 2022, he is no longer a part of JYP Entertainment, and is temporarily no longer in DAY6 [for now]. He told fans not to worry about the second statement, as he said that “he has talked to the boys about it” and to trust him, and if they don’t trust him, at least trust “the boys” (Sungjin, YoungK, Wonpil, Dowoon).

MyDays have been rallying their support for Jae, and have been telling others to trust in Jae and to trust in DAY6.

As much as it hurts, DAY6 will be back soon. For now, let’s all support the members in their solo endeavors—Wonpil’s web drama and upcoming solo debut, Dowoon’s upcoming military enlistment, eaJ’s upcoming solo album. Let’s always trust in DAY6, they will be back.


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