WOLO is about to happen: DAY6’s Wonpil prepares for his solo debut

December 09th, 2021

Finally, what MyDays have been waiting for this entire time. 

DAY6’s keyboardist, synthesist, and vocalist Kim Wonpil was revealed to be in preparations for his solo album and debut in early 2022. This had been reported by South Korean media outlets and insider reports on December 8, 2021. 

While this is yet to be confirmed by JYP Entertainment, MyDays are nevertheless happy for Wonpil’s solo artist debut. Once confirmed, this marks the 3rd DAY6 member to release something solo—following YoungK with his mini album “Eternal” and Dowoon’s solo single “Out of the Blue”. 

MyDays were shocked and elated over the news, as they know that even though Wonpil is hush hush about his solo activities, he never fails to let fans know that he is doing well and working hard in the job that he loves. Other DAY6 members are also slated to fill their fans’ days with content, so they would still feel their presence even if 2 members are currently in the military—with YoungK’s “YoungOne S3”, Eaj’s solo album and Twitch streaming, and Dowoon’s participation in variety shows.

Aside from his activities as part of DAY6 in 2021, Kim Wonpil has been active as a featured artist in songs such as “Did You Wake Up?” with Hello Ga-Young for the webtoon “One of a Kind Romance”, “Love song” by The BLANK Shop, “Wedding Song” by J_ust, and just today, “naps!” by 1415. 

Kim Wonpil also made his debut as a musical artist for the musical “Midnight Sun” as the lead “Haram”, sharing the role with SHINee’s Onew, GOT7’s Youngjae, and musical actor Jo Hoon. Soon, Wonpil will be debuting as an actor for the 3rd season of the web drama “Best Mistake”, starring as Do Ye Seok, who is “handsome and smart with a good personality, hides his emotional wounds and inner feelings”. 

Always booked and busy, Kim Wonpil never fails to make his fans proud. Are you excited to hear his new music and web drama?


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