‘Earthquake’ was trending on Twitter but not for the usual reason thanks to NCT 127

December 07th, 2021

If you were on Twitter and panicked because you saw that “earthquake” was trending, NCTzens would like to sincerely apologize. It’s all NCT 127’s fault. (JK ½)

For context: K-pop boy groups NCT is currently underway with their teasers for their full unit comebacks with “Universe” this December 14, 2021, and have already released 2 track videos for the songs sang by NCT DREAM and WayV. The third teaser track video released is titled, “Earthquake” and will be sung by NCT 127. 

Hence, why “earthquake” was trending on Twitter. No, there wasn’t an actual earthquake to worry about; it was only the title of NCT 127’s song that’s included in the 13-track “Universe” album. 

The track videos released for each permanent NCT unit as of December 6, 2021 are as follows: “Dreaming” by NCT DREAM, “Miracle” by WayV, and “Earthquake” by NCT 127. 

NCTzens were well aware of how the hashtag “earthquake” could cause a panic from the non K-Pop stans, and yet…here we all are.

Some also posted their reactions to how the track video had been released later than 12 M.N. KST. 

Again, sorry non K-Pop fans. It’s just that #EarthquakebyNCT127 just shook the entire universe. Anyway, let’s all wait calmly for December 10, 2021 — the pre-release of “Beautiful” by NCT U is just around the corner. 


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