EXO’s D.O. charms in honey-like vocals in much-awaited solo debut

July 26th, 2021

Finally. Like literally, finally. 

EXO’s Do Kyungsoo, more popularly known as D.O., just made his anticipated solo debut with a mini album entitled “Empathy” on July 26, 2021 at 6 P.M. KST. With an accompanying music video for the mini album’s title track “Rose”, D.O. charms listeners with his heartwarming and saccharine vocal prowess in all 8 songs included in the album. The artist was also revealed to be the lyricist behind his songs. 

“Rose”, the mini album’s lead single, is an acoustic folk genre with an easy-to-follow melody that’s pleasing to listen to, with lyrics describing the feeling of being in love and the joy in small details. In the music video, D.O. is seen riding a bicycle around a neighborhood before arriving at a house thought to be of his beloved’s. 

“Empathy” features a collaboration with South Korean rapper Wonstein in the album’s second track “I’m Gonna Love You”, as well as “My Love”, a song composed by DAY6’s Jae (or Eaj Park). The album also includes an English version of “Rose”, and a Spanish version of “It’s Love” entitled “Si Fueras Mia”. 

The mini album comes after D.O.’s first single ‘That’s okay”, which was released by SM Entertainment as part of their SM Station Season 3 and as a gift to D.O.’s fans on the day of his mandatory military enlistment last July 1, 2019.  

The solo debut of D.O. had long been anticipated by fans and fellow Korean music artists alike, especially after the release of his first single in 2019 and his acting career. 

EXO-Ls everywhere were mesmerized and serenaded by EXO’s main vocalists, expressing their love towards D.O. and his album on Twitter. 

Go listen to EXO D.O.’s solo album “Empathy” and watch his music video for “Rose” now!


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