Life imitates art as 1997 Archie comic strip predicts online learning

March 17th, 2021

While students didn’t anticipate to say goodbye to their campuses so soon, Archie Comics actually saw it coming.

In an unexpected turn of events, educational institutions had to transition to remote learning as the coronavirus began to spread all over the world. However, it turns out we’re not that far off from the prophecy — at least when it comes to online school. The official Facebook page of Archie Comics recently posted a comic strip from 1997, and it’s uncanny to the world we’re living in right now.

Titled, “Betty in High School 2021 A.D.”, it depicted the iconic character attending school right from her own room.

Archie comics 2021 prediction

An old Archie Comics strip predicted online learning in 2021

Flying cars and futuristic jumpsuits aside, the comic strip was pretty accurate. Betty is seen taking a seat in front of her desktop computer with a camera pointed towards her.

Her father remarks, “Kids today are so lucky they’re able to go to school in their own home.”

While technology isn’t as bulky as they predicted it to be, the artists behind this Archie comic strip definitely got 2021 right.


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