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This injured stray dog surprisingly knew to get help at an animal clinic

March 17th, 2021

“It’s a small thing to help one animal, but to that one animal it’s a big thing.” – Gene Baur

A wounded stray dog in Brazil made his way to the Vet VIP Clinic and sought help inside the clinic. It’s crazy to think how the dog knew about this clinic, but it seemed to know where he could get some help. A vet observed that this dog needed to be examined and took him to be examined.

Here’s CCTV footage from when the dog entered the clinic.  

The vet named the dog “Quindim”. After she ran some tests, Quindim was diagnosed with a TVT (Transmissible Venereal Tumor) that is common for stray dogs, and actually contagious. Although TVTs are spontaneous, regression can occur. This means it is usually progressive but fortunately it can be treated accordingly.

via ClinicaVetVip

So far, Quindim is being treated and doing well with his chemotherapy. He is now good for adoption, and according to Vet VIP they already found 10 people from Brazil who’re willing to take him in. But due to the pandemic, the one who is closest to their city will have the chance to bring him home.

What Quindim did to get treated shows that he is really a smart dog and a friendly one. He is a good example to “ask for help if needed.” The vet is a great role model in extending a helping hand, even to animals. 

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