How hot is it in your country? This woman can curl her hair while out in the sun

June 19th, 2020

Hot and humid weather is not new for us living here in the Philippines, but we bet you’ve never tried curling your hair in a pole while out in the sun.

27-year-old bank officer Damaris Sweetie, who lives in Solomon Islands, did just that—and it actually worked.

Solomon Islands is a sovereign state of the UK in Oceania and lies east of Papua New Guinea. Because of its location in the South Pacific, suffice it to say that the weather there is hot and humid all year round.

In her Tiktok account, Sweetie showed how hot it is in her country when she tried curling her hair in a metal pole while outside.


So hot out here 😑🥵 lol. #pacificlife

♬ original sound – Damzie✨ – Damzie✨

Her post has since garnered over 17 million views and more than 4 million likes on the popular social media platform.

Some viewers were a bit skeptic of her video though, and asked if she could repeat it again without pulling her hair. Sweetie obliged and showed everyone how very hot it is on her side of the world right now.


Reply to @a.rowe788 For those of ask which country is this um Solomon Pacific.

♬ original sound – Damzie✨ – Damzie✨

Have you tried any ‘How hot is it in your country’ challenges lately? Share it with us in the comments below.

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