Japanese food service delivers meals using half-naked muscle men

May 22nd, 2020

Do you want to have your (beef)cake and eat it too?

A new food delivery service in Nagoya, Japan is gaining popularity because of its unique delivery guys—half-naked buff men giving you your order of sushi right at your doorstep.

Vber Macho is the brainchild of Masanori Sugiura, the president of Aichi Prefecture-based catering company Withwin and third-generation owner of high-class sushi restaurant Imazushi. Sugiura loves to compete in bodybuilding contests for sport, which is why he wanted to combine his passion for food and muscle.

The food delivery service maintains six delivery buff men, Sugiura being one of them, and they are all bodybuilding veterans that Sugiura either met or became friends with during his bodybuilding stints.

They will deliver your order to you in Japanese happi coats, a traditional Japanese culinary attire, which makes them easier to strip off from the waist up if you so desire. Don’t worry, they’re not shy to flex their beef in front of you—they’re all bodybuilding pros, and as long as you give them a heads up before their arrival, they would be happy to pose for you.

You can order meal options such as one-person bento boxed lunches, shareable sushi sets, and even multi-item party platters.

The company has yet to establish operations in other cities, but they already offer their services to the Tokyo and Osaka markets, provided the customers are willing to shoulder a hefty travel surcharge.

Any chance of offering services in the Philippines?


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