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Instagram user creates pop culture-themed cookies–and they look awesome

May 19th, 2020

During this quarantine period, a lot of people took this “work from home” opportunity to try out different hobbies and activities. Whether that’s baking or painting, these individuals took the time to try out something new and hone their skills in it. For many, it’s a satisfying accomplishment that results in an impeccable creation, but for others, it’s nothing more than a failed experience.

Today’s story, however, focuses on the former as this Instagram user’s skill in making cookies only seems to get better with time. And in some of her most recent posts, she’s proved to be masterclass baker with her pop-culture-themed creations.

Judy Kim, who identifies herself as a custom cookie artist, shares her carefully-designed baked goods on Instagram. Her designs range from popular TV shows to Oscar-winning movies and they’re a marvel to look at. Check out a few of her creations below:

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She even pays homage to healthcare workers as modern-day heroes by representing them through her Wonder Woman cookies.

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Here’s to hoping we see more of her baking masterpieces soon!

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