Photo credit: Las Vegas Review Journal

Mormons welcome back hundreds of missionaries in Utah without social distancing

March 25th, 2020

Despite the strict guidelines on social distancing, hordes of the American citizens remain unbothered about the global health crisis. In the past weeks, there are some people who reportedly swarmed to the beaches of Florida, while others didn’t stop themselves from visiting the famous cherry blossoms in Washington, DC. There were also reports of people being so confident that they even dined-in at their favorite restaurants in Seattle.

Many of these individuals strongly believe that “liberty shall prevail,” which is why they don’t follow the guidelines on social distancing. Aside from the obstinate beachgoers and park attendees mentioned earlier, Mormons made headlines, last Sunday, after hundreds of them flocked to the parking area terminal of the Salt Lake City (SLC) Airport in Utah, United States. They gathered at the airport to welcome back missionaries from the Philippines.

As shown in the photo below, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint members were standing shoulder-to-shoulder without following the six feet distance required for safety. According to the Union Journal, Utah state leaders were called out for their “irresponsibility” on imposing the protocol on social distancing.

Photo credit: Las Vegas Review Journal

Following this, the church leaders issued an official letter that said: “What occurred on Sunday afternoon at the Salt Lake airport causes us deep concern with missionaries and their families disregarding important instructions regarding self-isolation and congregating at airports”.

Photo credit: Las Vegas Review Journal

Socializing may be natural to human beings but in times of crisis, we hope that everyone will be more compliant with the rules on social distancing.

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