Man wears giant disc around his waist to ‘maintain social distancing’ amid COVID-19

March 13th, 2020

Ever since the number of COVID-19 cases blew up, the World Health Organization has never failed in reminding the general public of the primary ways to prevent contagion. And one of the preventive measures that we should practice every day—aside from frequent handwashing—is “social distancing”. As the name suggests, it simply means that you maintain at least 1-meter distance between yourself and people who have a cough or flu.

To promote social distancing and also ensure that he’s safe, this unnamed Italian man strolled along the streets of Rome wearing a giant disc around his waist.

Screengrab from Twitter user @Annalagavo

In a video, which was shared by Anna Lagavo on Twitter, the man can be seen walking around Rome’s glass-roofed market called Mercato di Testaccio with the contraption. When one of the citizens asked him what the enormous petri dish was for, he confidently answered: “For coronavirus.”

Io, i Romani, li adorooooooo pic.twitter.com/5YaFaI1wb2

— Anna (@Annalagavo) March 11, 2020

While Twitter users can’t help but praise the man’s ingenuity, health professionals have found that the virus can survive on some surfaces for as long as two to three days. This only means that, if he keeps going to crowded places wearing this, it can pick up all sorts of bacteria and viruses. So, good luck to you, dude!


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