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LOOK: 7 Funny and relatable ‘Peanuts’ comics that will brighten up your day

March 24th, 2020

When Charles Schulz first launched Peanuts in 1950, he had the goal of entertaining his readers with four-panel comic strips of Charlie Brown and his friends. Little did the illustrator know that his creation would become a full-fledged franchise with its own merchandise, films, and even a musical production.

Its witty humor, light-hearted stories, and cute caricatures attract younger and older generations to the brand. And with the current status of the world today, it’s not surprising that we look to Schulz’s Snoopy, Charlie Brown and his friends to brighten up our day and make light of this heavy situation. Here are a few funny and relatable Peanuts comic strips that will surely make you smile today.

When you shower your dog with love, but it only wants your food. 

Photo Credit: Facebook.com/Snoopy

When you’re so sad that you drown your sorrows in sweets. 

Photo Credit: Facebook.com/Snoopy

When you’re tired but you have to maintain a positive outlook. 

Photo Credit: Facebook.com/Snoopy

The moment when you realize your crush doesn’t like you back. 

Photo Credit: Facebook.com/Snoopy

When you try to stay awake but you keep falling asleep while working from home. 

Photo Credit: Facebook.com/Snoopy

When you’re too deep into binge-watching your favorite show. 

Photo Credit: Facebook.com/Snoopy

When everything is said and done, you realize you’ve got a great support system. 

Photo Credit: Facebook.com/Snoopy

For more cute Peanuts comics, visit facebook.com/Snoopy.

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