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This UK hotel offers free accommodation to cats whose owners are in hospitals

March 24th, 2020

Another thing that really makes pet owners worried about this whole COVID-19 crisis is, of course, the safety of their fur babies just in case they get sick. In the UK, where there’s increased transmission of the deadly virus, a cat hotel offers premium services (free-of-charge) to people who have no one to look after their felines while they are in the hospital.

The Hotel Cat (located in the New Forest village of Sway, Hants) is a luxury cattery built to ensure that the cat gets the pampering it deserves. From a selection of gourmet dining options and themed rooms to 5-star care service, cat owners can be sure that their pets are having a paw-some experience during their stay at the said hotel.

Screengrab from Hotel Cat

Speaking to Metro UK, Hotel Cat’s owner Jackie Ferrier said that it’s their way of reaching out to vulnerable people who refuse hospital care because of their cats.

“We decided to offer a free service because we want to reach those who are living on their own who are desperately worried about their cat. We want to help the people who wouldn’t go to hospital and who would refuse hospital care because they are worried about their cat. Those are the people we are trying to help,” explained Ferrier.

Screengrab from Hotel Cat

The 53-year-old hotel owner also added: “Coronavirus means that this is an unprecedented time. If we don’t all pull together now, then what’s the point?”

Complete with full-sized beds, toys, and garden rooms, cats will surely enjoy the premium service as they wait for their owners to return. Right now, we are hoping that a relaxing place like this will also be available for other animals, too.


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