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Man, who was once homeless, assembles hand washing stations for the unsheltered

March 24th, 2020

As many of us already know, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) affects everyone, regardless of age. And since anyone is susceptible to the viral disease, home quarantine is enforced for their safety. So when the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic, people all over the world started panic buying and hoarding essential goods such as vitamins, food supplies, tissue paper, and hand sanitizers. Because of this, many of us have forgotten to leave behind some items to be given to the homeless–the individuals who are probably the most vulnerable to get infected.

But thanks to the idea of Terence Lester, together with his charity organization Love Beyond Walls (LWB), he was able to provide portable sinks with soap and water dedicated to people without homes in Atlanta City, United States. So, they can wash their hands and minimize contact with the virus.

Lester is the executive director of LWB, an organization committed to helping the poor and the street dwellers. The LWB is special to him since he was once homeless himself during his teenage years and he experienced the struggle of living on the streets.

Photo credit: Facebook.com/lovebeyondwalls

via Love Beyond Walls

Lester found out that portable washbins (usually used for camping and portable homes) can be the solution for everyone who doesn’t have immediate access to soap and water to wash their hands.

The washbin contains a 5-gallon tank that can produce water by using the foot pump. In every station, the soap dispenser is provided so people can follow the proper handwashing technique.

After installing the first sink, people expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to wash their hands. Moreover, LWB told POP! that they have placed 20 sinks in the city, as of now. Also, they are raising money to place more sinks across the states for other homeless communities.

“We are hoping to partner with 10 cities in the next 45 days”, they added.

Dmitry, was the first person to use the station yesterday to wash his hands.
He told us he hadn’t been able to wash his hands because he hadn’t had any water. This was his first response!
.#lovebeyondwalls @lovebeyondwalls pic.twitter.com/rGmsYTLpFV

— lovebeyondwalls (@LoveBeyondWalls) March 19, 2020

In this time of crisis, people with pure hearts can make today a brighter place to live in. Let’s spread love and fight the virus, just as Lester did with his handwashing stations.

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