Image by: Maki Mak

‘Ang punny ha!’: A collection of celebrity memes that we will never be able to unsee

January 09th, 2020

Let’s just say that Daniela Mondragon’s and Kit Thompson’s memes are so 2019, so we are flooding the internet with some fresh, new content to laugh at every day! And just in case you are living under a rock, here’s a quick recap: There’s a new meme trend that features Kapuso star Dingdong Dantes in his underwear. For some reason, this photo (which was taken almost 12 years ago) suddenly resurfaced—since then, online users have been photoshopping him in hilarious memes!

And you know how much we love entertainment, right? So from Dingdong Godbless to Dingdong DanceSteps, we now have a long list of “name puns” which includes “almost” all of our favorite local celebrities! Before this week ends, we have compiled some of the wittiest entries on social media:

1. Eugene Bumingo

Image by: Justine Bautista

2. Sus n’ Roces

Image by: Maki Mak

3. Echo bag

Image by: Good old days of 2000

4. Mateo Coffeejelly

Image by: Macario

5. Vicks Sotto

Image by: John Kenzu Matawaran

6. Aiza sa gera

Image by: Benedict Cruz

7. Liza Sabungero

Image by: Jubilee Duruin

8. Jessica Soju 

Image by: Marielle Aquino

9. Katre nyo na Gray

Image by: Rant

10. Rico Blanket

Image by: @hashtagjude

11. Manny Ningil

12. NadineGue Lustre

13. Daniel Pamilya

14. Goku Martin

15. Willie Eilish

You’re welcome.


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