LISTEN: Jaja Bu releases metaphor-laden single ‘Bright Colors’

August 23rd, 2019

Jaja Bu has released his new single “Bright Colors”, a glimmering alt-pop track which boils down universal sentiments – longing and love — into a simple, indelible vignette.

On what exactly inspired him to write the song, Jaja Bu shares, “For me, Bright Colors talks about how a person can bring back light and vibrance into someone’s life.  The more I find myself getting lost in the internet or my phone, the more I realize and remember how important human interaction and connection is. Working on music can be super inspiring and super lonely depending on how you work.”

“Bright Colors” is an invitation to get lost momentarily in Jaja Bu’s decided optimism. He expresses, “There are a few metaphors throughout, I think my favorite from this is “It’s a miracle mile, from the darkness to the beach. You open up like a violet, until my third eye rests in peace” Haha, opening that third eye can be a struggle for sure, so this is just my own reminder to go to talk to someone today, get inspired, let some color flood in.”

This track follows LA-based Jaja Bu’s equally dreamy singles “Caroline” and “Sweetness”.

“Bright Colors” is available now on all digital platforms, stream/download now: hyperurl.co/jjbbrightcolors


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