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These earrings were designed like clothes pins – yay or nay?

March 05th, 2019

The Fashion world is highly complex and its trends either start because the product is simple, beautiful, or weird. From the strange roller skate heels to the bizarre plastic bra, the biggest trends in the fashion industry today is wearing big and loud statement pieces – the kind of pieces that will make a passerby look twice or thrice because of its unusual design. And with Ambush’s newly released Nobo Clip Earringsyou’ll, no doubt, look at it curiously.

Photo Credit: Hypebeast

This bright statement piece is a pricey one, as it costs around 400 USD. The pair of brass-crafted earrings oddly shaped as clothes pegs are neon orange in color and it comes with a clip-on fastener.

Photo Credit: Hypebeast

There were a few who ridiculed the jewelry piece on Twitter: 

Photo Credit: Twitter.com

Photo Credit: Twitter.com

Photo Credit: Twitter.com

Do you see yourself sporting a pair of these? /FM


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