There’s an online store selling a ‘plastic bra’ and it’s all kinds of NOPE

January 04th, 2018

2017 introduced us to several extreme fashion items like roller skate stilettos, face-printed rompers, Trump swimsuits, and the craziest jeans trends that only made us shake our damn heads and question everything we know about fashion. But all the avant-garde or out-of-this-world fashion trends didn’t leave with 2017. We’re welcoming another year full of endless possibilities of what-the-heck-is-this items and trends in the fashion industry.

Online store Shein presented us with a clear vision of the future trends in fashion as they came up with a “plastic bra” that will make people literally see right through you.

via shein.com

You’d probably wonder if this is an attempt to reduce plastic waste or a step towards a greener community with an eco-friendly underwear. But no, more than saving mother earth, you should be worried about saving your boobs (and your reputation) with this bra.

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Shein, a retail company that originated in New Jersey, is selling the “Adjustable Straps Clear Bra” for $5 (around PhP 250) and almost all the reviews on its website are saying that it isn’t worth the price at all. Reviews are saying that the product is made from cheap plastic material—same as plastic bottles—that makes “tik tak noise”. Imagine getting accidentally bumped and people wondering why your breasts sounded like a crushed soda bottle?

via shein.com

Screenshot from shein.com

via shein.com

Screenshot from shein.com

People are saying that the racy undergarment is uncomfortable to wear and it is impossible to move with the crackling of the plastic. While this may be an acceptable idea for those who want to spice things up in their wardrobe department and those who believe that “if you’ve got it, flaunt it,” the plastic bra offered more problems than confidence. It was just so wrong on so many levels.

Can’t wait for when this year brings us a wearable fireworks-shooting bra! Laugh all you want but we all know that there might be someone who’s actually working on it right now.  2017 fashion has been really weird for some of us—your turn, 2018!

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