This guy creates his own Pornhub channel to share wholesome and uplifting videos

February 01st, 2019

Whether it’s boredom or curiosity, some people look at pornographic videos just so they can (at least) “fulfill” their sexual desires. And for other people–especially those who are sex-starved–porn enhances masturbation or gives them inspiration for “future” hookups.


But, porn is not just about nudity, fetishes, and sexual fantasies. Interestingly, there’s a specific channel in the dark corners of Pornhub–a pornographic video sharing website–that will change the way you see this adult video industry. According to BuzzFeed News, Ryan Creamer, a 26-year-old comic and writer for CollegeHumor, has been recording “wholesome and uplifting” videos of himself while dressed in a collared shirt and tie.

Although a little embarrassed about it, Creamer shared that the channel started in October 2018 while he was browsing Pornhub for some porn. And as he scrolled to the bottom of the page, he stumbled upon a “Work for Us” option.

“I clicked and learned anyone can get verified. You just submit a picture of your face with a piece of paper with your name on it,” said Creamer. “Once they verify who you are, they verify your account, and then I posted my first video.”

Image credit: Ryan Creamer

In one of his uploads, a video titled “I Tuck You in After You Have Cum,” features Creamer–looking very wholesome in his collared shirt while genuinely smiling for the camera. Not only that, towards the end of the video, you’ll see him giving his viewers a goodnight kiss.

A verified Pornhub user for 4 months now, Creamer has been receiving positive comments from his viewers. Some even told him that his videos were super supportive.

“I get a lot of messages being like, ‘hey, this just made me feel good,'” he said.

via Triple M

While more people are getting interested in his videos, Creamer clarified that he did not create his channel to make a statement.

“It was not really pre-planned. I had an idea for the first video…that was the only idea that I had. Within a couple of days, it got big on Reddit,” he said.

Through his uplifting videos, Creamer hopes that people who watch him regularly could eventually feel more loved and appreciated.


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