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These redesigned bank logos will make you see how underappreciated artists are today

January 30th, 2019

The Philippines is home to a myriad of inspiring and talented people,  who integrate art into their everyday lives. However, most Filipino artists or designers remain underappreciated. And they oftentimes receive unfavorable remarks when their work is imitative, unconventional, or does not meet the standards of Western countries.

Last January 26, graphic designer Jerwin M. Suba, posted in his Facebook page his works on redesigned logos of Philippine commercial banks.

What if our PH commercial banks gets a logo redesign that can be either modern or minimal? This is only my own style on the logos. Check them out!

Posted by JM Creatives on Saturday, January 26, 2019

Suba’s designs have garnered different reactions from netizens. But he clarified that his post was not intended to discredit these bank institutions.

“It’s innate for a creative person to express one’s self and to go beyond the default. Some people will like and hate it but the point is to show people there are always other ways of doing things,” he tells InqPOP!.

Here are some of the comments on Suba’s redesigned logos:



Despite this less-than-desirable feedback from netizens, he says that he welcomes other people’s opinions towards his work.

“I don’t see them as negative criticism. I consider them to be constructive. It’s all about individual perspectives.”

via Tenor

At some point in our lives, you’ll receive positive and negative feedback. Hence, you should know how to deal with these circumstances because this will eventually lead you to reach acceptance and abundance.

On the other hand, instead of criticizing your fellow Filipinos, everyone should know how to uplift and appreciate each other’s ability. And for those aspiring artists or designers, Suba’s piece of advice is to “Be motivated, always inspire yourself and always look on the brighter colors.”


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