10 truths you’ll only understand if you’re not a morning person

January 08th, 2019
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For non-morning people, there will always be a constant battle between you and your alarm clock. And even though they offer you a cup of freshly-brewed coffee or a plate of scrambled eggs for breakfast, it’s still not enough to make you feel great and positive about mornings. Because for you, a great morning is all about staying in that warm, cozy bed surrounded by a set of fluffy pillows.

If you dislike mornings as much as we do, here are some memes that totally speak to you.

When you still look dead in the morning but your mind is already awake


There are more days when you just hit that snooze button

You can’t even function without having your daily dose of caffeine


And you always feel like going to bed as early as 8 PM


Sometimes you even tried waking up early feeling refreshed and energized but nope

Oftentimes, random noises at night don’t even bother you

Not even your best friend, who is a morning person, can wake you

Then you also have to deal with your inner self every damn day

Or with people who would always ask you about your weekend plans

And when you slept for hours but still feels like you only slept for a few minutes

But still, thank you for trying your hardest, non-morning people!


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