Twitter turns positive tweet into something meme-worthy

May 30th, 2018
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It’s not uncommon to see people posting encouraging things on social media — at times even quoting bible verses. More often than not, they’re well-received by many who are able to relate to the post.

A recent post by Twitter user @brianab1188 took a different turn, though. The post went viral with 247K likes and 122k retweet, but it also became a hilarious meme.

Upset – John 14
Weak – Psalm 18:1-29
Lonely – Psalm 23
Sinned – Psalm 51
Worried – Matthew 8:18-31
Anxious – Philippians 4:4-9
Unhappy – Colossians 3:12-17
In danger – Psalm 91
Depressed – Psalm 27
Lack of Faith – Exodus 14
Need Courage – Joshua 1
Need Direction – Psalm 73:21-26

— Bri (@brianab1188) May 23, 2018

People decided to tweet the songs they listen to whenever they are upset or worried — and it turned out to be very amusing! Included in the list are Dexys Midnight Runners’ “Come on Eileen”, The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside”, Britney Spears’ “Toxic”, and even SpongeBob Squarepants soundtrack!

Upset – Come on Eileen
Weak – Come on Eileen
Lonely – Come on Eileen
Sinned – Come on Eileen
Worried – Come on Eileen
Anxious – Come on Eileen
Unhappy – Come on Eileen
In danger – Come on Eileen
Depressed – Come on Eileen
Lack of Faith – Come on Eileen
Need Courage – Come on Eil-

— urs 🐝 (@bubblegumtrixie) May 27, 2018

Upset – Mr. Brightside
Weak – Mr. Brightside
Lonely – Mr. Brightside
Sinned – Mr. Brightside
Worried – Mr. Brightside
Anxious – Mr. Brightside
Unhappy – Mr. Brightside
In danger – Mr. Brightside
Depressed – Mr. Brightside
Lack of Faith- Mr. Brightside
Need Courage- Mr. Brightside

— thot: ragnarok (@ldrinkh20) May 28, 2018

Upset – toxic by britney
Weak – toxic by britney
Lonely – toxic by britney
Sinned – toxic by britney
Worried – toxic by britney
Anxious – toxic by britney
Unhappy – toxic by britney
In danger – toxic by britney
Depressed – toxic by britney

— paul rudd (@philsadelphia) May 28, 2018

Upset – Goofy Goober Song
Weak – Goofy Goober Rock
Lonely – Texas
Sinned – Doin' the Sponge
Worried – Campfire Song Song
Anxious – All U Need is Friends
Unhappy – F.U.N
Depressed – This Grill is Not a Home
Lack of Faith – Ripped Pants
Need Courage – Ugly Striped Sweater

— CZ Duran (@HelloCzarina) May 29, 2018

Other people suggested tracks from Miley Cyrus; while some think heartthrobs Jonas, Kevin, and Nick of the Jonas Brothers can cheer any damsel in distress.

Upset – Hoedown Throwdown
Weak – Who Said
Lonely – True Friend
Worried – Nobody's Perfect
Anxious – The best of Both Worlds
Unhappy – Life's what you make it
Depressed – Nobody's Perfect
Lack of Faith – The Climb
Need Courage – I Got Nerve
Need Direction – He could be the one

— Nikki Phillz 🌼 (@Dr_Phillz) May 29, 2018

Upset – A Little Bit Longer
Weak – Hold On
Lonely – Inseparable
Sinned – BB Good
Worried – Take a Breath
Anxious – Paranoid
Unhappy – Year 3000
In danger – Burnin’ Up
Depressed – Love Bug
Lack of Faith – Love Is on Its Way
Need Courage – SOS
Need Direction – Hollywood

— katie 🌈 (@suwanneeladykt) May 28, 2018

There were a few others who veered away from music suggestions and gave a few friendly advice that we all know by heart — a cup of tea and McDonalds.

Upset – cup of tea
Weak – cup of tea
Lonely – cup of tea
Sinned – cup of tea
Worried – cup of tea
Anxious – cup of tea
Unhappy – cup of tea
In danger – (quick) cup of tea
Depressed – cup of tea
Lack of Faith – cup of tea
Need Courage – cup of tea
Need Direction – cup of tea

— James Rhodes (@JRhodesPianist) May 29, 2018

Hungry – McDonald's drive thru 24/7

— Pastor Kyle. (@itsqail) May 24, 2018

But for us at InqPOP!, a good stash of doggos and cattos videos are enough to chase those worries away! 😜

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