‘Bird Box’ Challenge is the new internet trend and Netflix is not happy about it

January 03rd, 2019

Before the start of the holiday season, Netflix released the post-apocalyptic drama thriller film, Bird Box. The film focuses on the story of a woman (Sandra Bullock) and two other children who have to embark on a dangerous journey completely blindfolded. Through the woods and down a river, they are instructed not to remove their blindfolds or else, they will die.

With its major viewing record in Netflix history, tons of memes and reviews have flooded the internet. And because of this so-called “Bird Box” mania, people are now taking on the #BirdBoxChallenge – a craze that involves people trying to do their everyday tasks blindfolded.

Just like the #InMyFeelingsChallenge that went viral last year, this internet trend is getting out of hand.

This group of teenagers even went outside just to do the said challenge.

This toddler who accidentally slammed her face into the wall.

And another woman who bumped against the wall. 

Apparently, people are getting hurt from doing the challenge.

That’s why Netflix was forced to issue a public warning asking all the fans to stop documenting themselves blindfolded.

Here’s to hoping that everyone will stop doing the challenge!

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