Tourists can’t keep their hands off Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘golden bulge’

January 03rd, 2019

Cristiano Ronaldo’s bronze sculpture has been getting plenty of attention from vacationers and fans ever since it was unveiled at his Pestana CR7 Resort in Funchal, Portugal, back in 2014.

The sculpture—which was erected in honor of the Juventus star and five-time Ballon D’Or winner—is causing a photo-op frenzy among travelers and football fans. And the people who take photos alongside the statue don’t do just normal poses. In fact, most of them are having too much fun posing with the sculpture while diligently touching his huge, shiny bulge.

John Rodgers—one of the tourists who visited the area—said that he just wanted to snap a picture with the full-body statue. So, he happily stood beside it and sent the picture to his family.

Aside from Rodgers, the “golden crotch” has also attracted large groups of women. In an interview with The Sun, he mentioned that a young lady couldn’t keep her hands off the groin area.

“While waiting to get back on the cruise ship I then realized a stream of tourists who were keen to touch that area. It seemed to make them all smile, particularly a young blonde lady. She couldn’t keep her hands off.”

Image credit: John Rodgers

But this is not the first time that Cristian Ronaldo’s statue has caught the attention of the public. In 2017, the famous athlete became a joke— and a subject of Internet memes—after Madeira Airport mounted a bronze bust of him. Not only that, an ice sculpture of him, which also resembled the hilarious airport bust, was featured in last year’s World Cup.

With all these “artistic failures,” it seems like the athlete’s chain of Internet memes won’t fade out anytime soon.



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