Here are 8 reasons why it’s not ‘merry’ to have your birthday on Christmas

December 23rd, 2018

Birthdays only happen every once in a year so we can’t blame other people for wanting that extra love and attention from their loved ones. From the greeting cards and personalized gifts down to your birthday party—you just want nothing but a sparkly, fun-filled day ever.

However, this isn’t always the case for people who were born in the most wonderful time of the year. In time for the most-awaited holiday—and their birthday—we listed down some of the most common things that only Christmas babies can relate to.

It’s your birthday but people always have other plans for Christmas 

Sometimes you’re not even allowed to get wasted on your birthday because you’re surrounded by your relatives


They ask you what gifts you’d like to get for Christmas and your birthday


But in reality, they’d always end up giving you just one. Hitting two birds with one stone!

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That is either wrapped in a Christmas paper or anything with a touch of the holidays in it

Our customers here at Instaloan pen3 are great. One of them just drop off my early birthday cake. She said since she wouldn't be in town on Christmas. I love my job. pic.twitter.com/BRqawPoCcy

— crystal kelly toudt (@crystaltoudt) December 22, 2018

Hey, that isn’t so bad, right?

So by the time you receive it, you’re not even sure whether it’s Christmas or your birthday that is being celebrated

I don't know whether I love my birthday because its on Christmas or I love Christmas because its my birthday 😄 #dilemma pic.twitter.com/vgvWXnysay

— ♡ (@nushwhoosh) December 23, 2018

The dilemma is real.

People bother to call you on your birthday just to wish you a Merry Christmas


Because you’re not just sharing your birthday with some random person out there


But looking on the bright side of things, it could still be the best birthday ever because you’re celebrating it with the rest of the world!

Happy birthday and Merry Christmas, fam!


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