The couple wedded at a community hall in Batu Muda, Kuala Lumpur.  The bride is from Batu Muda, near Batu Caves, while the groom is from Setapak.

Razziah told “We retained some traditional aspects of a Malay wedding such as bersanding and merenjis tepung tawar (blessing ceremony).” She also added that their families, including her husband, were very supportive of the unconventional cosplay-themed wedding.

“I loved this unique idea, it’s very different than most of the weddings I have attended before. I’m glad that all the attendees were happy to have a selfie with their favourite characters,” said Izwan.

Photo credit: Joseph Chan

Razziah flaunted her white-and-pink gown that she designed herself.

“The top of the wedding gown is styled after a kimono (traditional Japanese garment), complete with an obi (sash for traditional Japanese dress), while the bottom half has a Western influence. I designed the gown, and the wedding planner got a tailor to sew it within a month.”

“My husband wore a silver suit,” she said.

Razziah shared that she has been always been a cosplay enthusiast since 2010. Her younger sister, Khairunnisa, who’s also a cosplay lover, introduced her to Izwan. Later on, they started talking on MySpace (social media before Friendster and Facebook).

After getting to know more about Razziah, Izwan became interested in cosplay, too. And eventually he decided to join her cosplay group named “Team Blood.”

From 2010, the couple has been very active in cosplay conventions like the annual Comic Fiesta, which is Malaysia’s leading animation, comics and games convention, held in KLCC every December.

While couples are busy planning out their weddings, do keep in mind that what makes this union more special is the love that you feel for each other.



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