Why people should stop using Larry Gadon as a meme and making him go viral

October 01st, 2018
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Most of us use social media as a tool of entertainment and admit it or not, memes are really entertaining but Larry Gadon related memes and “hindi bobo” challenge? Well, think again.

This man might be using social media as a platform for him to be known by netizens. Have you watched the pre-election interview with GMA News TV? Larry Gadon will run in next year’s senatorial elections.

Something’s fishy, huh?

Gadon got the social media spotlight when he was cursing and raising his middle finger while shouting “mga bobo!” at Chief Justice Sereno’s supporters in Baguio. That was the moment when memes about him were made.

And it gets funnier for some as it circulates on social media.

Don’t be entertained too much by Gadon’s actions.

It helps him alter the issue on his unethical behavior towards Sereno’s supporters. And speaking of “unethical behavior”, his hateful remarks toward Muslim community in Mindanao will remain in the history. During his interview, he vowed to annihilate all Muslims in Mindanao including their wives and children if pleading for peace will not work for them.  

Stop the “Hindi Mga Bobo” Challenge by Larry Gadon

This challenge seems to be becoming a trend nowadays where Larry Gadon gives shout-out to college students of their respective schools including: Far Eastern University, Emilio Aguinaldo-Dasmarinas, De La Salle University-Dasmarinas, Rizal Technological University, Trinity University of Asia, San Beda College and Polytechnic University of the Philippines, saying his signature line: ang mga taga ____ hindi mga bobo!

Participating in the said “challenge,” is just giving him social media exposure while hyping his name for next year’s senatorial election? Stop it.

Stop patronizing the trend about him. Stop tolerating his behavior. You don’t have to do this challenge just to validate yourself as “hindi bobo”.

Of course, despite this social media hype, some netizens are not really in favor of this challenge.

Naiintindihan niyo ba yung mga ginagawa niyo? Binibigyan niyo ng daan si Larry Gadon na mag-build ng hype sa masa.

Sure Jan, it's a meme.

Pati sarili niyong bansa gawin niyong isang malaking meme at sabay-sabay nating pagtawanan. Ang saya di'ba?

Sino ngayong mga bobo, bobo? pic.twitter.com/UQ3L6jH2lD

— ᵐᵃʳᵏ (@Makiighj) September 13, 2018

stop sensationalizing larry gadon. he ain’t good. yikes to y’all.

— 𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐞 (@DARLENESLAYS) September 14, 2018

All these "mga bobo" Larry Gadon Hype,
and everyone's so naive about who he is.
Funny how trends can just literally mask mistakes that aren't so easy to forgive (e.g. the muslim hate speech and his Marcos loyalism)

— Nine Sublime (@AlmostXander) September 13, 2018

tbh seeking for larry gadon's validation is just plain stupid ,,, why do you need validation from a man who suggested genocide as a solution for peace

nAkakatawa ba yon ha

— Patricia Pangilinan (@pxtpangilinan) September 10, 2018

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