The story of Jose Rizal’s life and struggles now comes in a Japanese comic book

September 13th, 2018

Manga writer Takahiro Matsui and illustrator Ryo Konno recreate our National Hero – Jose Rizal’s journey in a Manga form and was released both in English and Japanese version on June 19.

The manga has 100 pages that summarizes his expedition and struggles on his personal life as young Jose Rizal and also as our National Hero who aims for the country’s sovereignty.

Entire series is divided into 10 volumes and you can access it for free:

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José Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda was remarkably known as Jose Rizal who was a doctor, painter, writer and of course a great lover of our country who put his life to death for us to be freed from Spanish colonizers which eventually led us to Philippine independence. He was also known as an author of his famous writings Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo which advocate political reform under Spanish era.

In an interview Takahuri said that he wants the children with Filipino roots in Japan to know more about their roots and be proud of their Philippine history. Takahuri also added that he wants Japanese children to know more about the wonderful parts of the Philippines. While making this short manga, he faced lots of difficulties due to complexion of Jose Rizal’s long story. Same as how Jose Rizal took a lot of courage to study the Japanese language during his stay in the country for a month and a half in 1888.

“Japan, too, was affected by the genius of Rizal, who had changed his country not through violence, but through his knowledge and hard work,” said by Takuro Ando, a representative from Japan-based Tacuro Company.

Davao-based Creative Connections and Commons (CCC) was part of manga translation in partnership of Tacuro Company. According to them, there are plans for manga: Filipino version. InqPOP!/Nicole Ortega

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