WATCH: Two drivers settle who gets to overtake by playing ‘Bato Bato Pik’

August 17th, 2018

If there’s one thing that can easily get on your nerves when you’re on the road, it’s definitely the unbearable traffic every day in Metro Manila. A little misunderstanding among motorists can turn into a road rage incident–and we all know that it rarely end well for any of the parties involved.

But instead of going full-on “beastmode” when there’s a commotion on the road, imagine what it would be like if motorists would settle things in a peaceful (and even fun) way.

In a video shared by user Procopyo Madlangtuta on Facebook, he and another driver demonstrated how “chill” motorists could be when they let “Bato Bato Pik,” Filipino’s version of “rock, paper, scissors,” decide who gets to have a free pass on the road. He and the other driver had one round of “bato bato pik” and Madlangtuta won fair and square.

Dapat chill lang sa kalsada!!!

Posted by Procopyo Madlangtuta on Monday, August 13, 2018

Being a real sport, he still decided to let the other driver to cross his side of the road. People commended the act saying “Sana lahat ganyan para good vibes lng lagi at walang away…good job!”


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