LOOK: Toni Gonzaga becomes ‘Elastigirl’ in these hilariously photoshopped images

August 02nd, 2018

With capabilities as versatile as The Incredibles Elastigirl, it seems almost impossible to imagine a live-action version of her.

Photo Credit: Giphy

But in this Twitter post, user @kalloydoscope points out the Pixar heroine’s resemblance to Filipino actress Toni Gonzaga.

Photo Credit: Twitter.com/@kalloydoscope

With a little photoshop magic from @kalloydoscope, the TV personality transforms into Elastigirl herself when she lends her shape-shifting abilities to become a sofa for her sister Alex to sit on.

Photo Credit: Twitter.com/@kalloydoscope

Since the Twitter user posted the photos, a number of netizens couldn’t help but LOL at the images. One user even dubbed her as “Elastoni”.


— Paul Go (@polgoat) July 28, 2018

Kudos to @kalloydoscope for noticing the comparison between the two personalities… and thanks for making us ROFL today!

Photo Credit: Giphy


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