24 ‘May joke ako’ tweets that will make you proud of Pinoys’ wit

June 18th, 2018

If you needed a good laugh today, or you just wanted to take a quick break from stress, Pinoys recently had a “joke session” on Twitter and it will either make you proud of Pinoys’ wit or shake your damn head. It started with a joke about employment from Hans Castro and everyone followed the format and created their own jokes.


May joke ako about unemployment

Kaso baka di mag work

— Hans Castro (@hanscastroo) June 13, 2018


"May joke ako about business

Kaso baka di bumenta"

— neckhole (@niczxs_toyou) June 13, 2018

Kumita ka ba dito, sis?


may joke ako about court hearings

kaso https://t.co/u1gKOkbKfZ

— i d a (@idasiasoco) June 16, 2018


May joke ako about basura

Kaso baka ikalat mo https://t.co/GkDZVCKgta

— ً (@raphaelmiguel) June 13, 2018

This joke ain’t trash tho.


May joke ako about sa medyas

But it really socks

— Riofel Λnung (@riofeldown) June 17, 2018


May joke ako about Linkin Park

kaso in the end, it doesn't even matter

— Javi (@serjavines) June 17, 2018

“I’ve become so numb…”


May joke ako about Korina Sanchez

Kaso handa na ba kayo? https://t.co/JZV09RszT8

— Ruth Ann Recto (@RA_Recto) June 17, 2018

Ready na rin kami sa free na tsinelas!


May joke ako about sa pabango kaso it doesn't make any scents.

— Echok (@Zekewolf_) June 18, 2018


may joke ako tungkol sa kasoy

cashew… https://t.co/Zb37oDfrvk

— Pancit! At Rebisco (@vicentejian) June 16, 2018


may joke ako about calculators

casio… https://t.co/gp4CTOlneb

— GIANCARLO (@giancarlotrani) June 17, 2018


May joke ako about a country,

Peru https://t.co/eirP8JfdS9

— SHELLA (@shelaamons) June 16, 2018


“May joke ako about panget

Kaso baka ma offend ka”

— Jig (@keringkeri101) June 14, 2018

Bastos din e no?!


May joke ako about hairdressers,

Pero d sya Fanny. https://t.co/WdxOM9j2lP

— Gino Quillamor (@ginoboi) June 17, 2018


May joke ako about sa timba.

Pero epic pail https://t.co/sVE9QvALi0

— Renz Rufil (@AlbertWesker_28) June 17, 2018


May joke ako about sa isang kontrabida ng Teleserye

pero baka nakakainis. https://t.co/SJZg8uXQV9

— Childish Gagambino (@bluegrey_) June 17, 2018

I remember so many people…


May joke ako about sa slow

Kaso baka tamaan PLDT.

— ⚖️ (@heyitsceeed) June 16, 2018

Shots fired!


May joke ako about spiderman

Kaso I don't feel good https://t.co/915HopAPIS

— Takao (@Iampotato_) June 17, 2018

Yeah, too far, fam. Too far.


May joke ako about Tito Sotto.

Kaso baka kopyahin niya. https://t.co/FlNSkvsj4J

— Alt Tantay (@rupertnotholmes) June 16, 2018


May joke din ako about Tito Sotto.

Kaso baka ipa-delete niya. https://t.co/aks2S3SkHr

— Juan Miguel Severo (@TheRainBro) June 17, 2018


May joke ako about Tito Sotto

Kaso baka ipabura nya https://t.co/g6RsUSwOqi

— Bryle Leano (@BryleLeano) June 16, 2018

*sips Pepsi*


May joke ako tungkol sa estado ng Pilipinas

Kaso di na nakakatawa


— Guy in the Chair (@eva_wakey) June 16, 2018


may joke ako about sa grades ko

kaso baka hindi pumasa

— kanuto (@rsslldavid_) June 16, 2018

*cries in Tagalog*


may joke ako about chemistry

kaso baka walang mag react

— Fae 💫 (@fernanmyrrh) June 16, 2018


May joke ako about pizza

Kaso baka di ko ma-deliver

— j2dz (@thejcespino) June 15, 2018

So, anong joke mo?


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