LOOK: These odd-looking ‘cloven toe’ pumps may trigger dirty minds

July 26th, 2018

Today in the weird side of fashion: A new trend is making everyone take a double look.

A pair of flesh-colored pumps from French fashion house Maison Margiela worth $825 (PhP 47,411.76) and described as “cloven toe” are the newest item that make us question why fashion go this far sometimes. It’s also described as “eye-catching” and “both sculptural and modern”. Surely, wearing this will make catch other people’s attention—or make them ask what the heck are you wearing.

via Nordstrom / Maison Margiela

The odd-looking pumps splits the big toe from the rest when you wear it—making it look more like a “camel toe” for some especially with its color.

It’s now deemed as the new ugly shoe trend and we totally understand why!

Oh dear. Ugly has a new name – "Cloven Toe Pumps". I cannot unsee this. https://t.co/5AlEybxhrd

— Renee Taylor (@RTLampwork) July 25, 2018

And if this isn’t making you shake your damn head yet, the racy shoe also comes in red with a wrap-around ankle strap for a whopping $1080 (PhP 62,066.30)!

via Nordstrom / Maison Margiela

Thanks, but we’re already happy with shoes that makes our foot look human.


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