People think that ‘Magayon and Panganoron’ made their presence felt amidst Mayon eruption

January 18th, 2018

For several days now, residents in Albay province were in heightened alert due the threat of Mayon Volcano’s eruption. More than 38,000 individuals have evacuated the vicinity as lava continues to flow from the volcano’s crater.

But as the volcano spews lava, ashes, and smoke, Filipinos noticed the ash cloud formation surrounding the Mayon.

The Legend of the Mayon VolcanoPanganoron & Magayon#ArtImitatesLife #LifeImitatesArtLong ago in a place called…

Posted by Neil Edward D. Diaz on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Neil Edward Diaz shared a photo of the eruptive Mayon Volcano with ash formations that oddly resembles two people hugging each other. Netizens were quick to compare it with Magayon and Panganoron, the lovers who died fighting for their love according to the myth of Mayon’s creation. With the artwork by illustrator Kerby Rosanes, people think that it is life imitating art.

InqPOP! talked to Rosanes who said that the circulating artwork on social media was actually just a derivative copy of the original art he made. The artwork was Rosanes’ piece for the Doodle Fest 2017 and an interpretation of his beloved home province, Albay.

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My piece for the #DoodleFest2017 group show available and on display at A Space Manila in Makati. Missed the opening last night but the exhibit will be up the whole month. —– "Magayon budâ Panganoron" – multiliners on A4 fine art paper —– It is an absolute privilege to represent and interpret my home province, Albay, in this show. My piece highlights Mayon Volcano – the most iconic landmark in the province. It also celebrates the tragic but beautiful love story of Magayon – the princess from the tribe of Rawis who fell in love with the warrior Panganoron. The legend says that the majestic Mayon Volcano was formed right in the place where the lovers died and were buried. Some people said it was a curse since Magayon took her own life when Panganoron was killed in the war. Some myths also say that Magayon is the volcano and Panganoron is the clouds that surround it.

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Many also noticed the formations that resemble Magayon and Panganoron in a video of lava flowing from Mayon’s crater.

Video isn't mine, if you look closely you'll see an image of a girl w/c we believed is Magayon (at maganda nga talaga siya). And the Mom said, binabantayan talaga niyan si Mayon, idk I just wanna share it.

📹: Drew Zuniga#MayonVolcano #Albay pic.twitter.com/K5OtREG4fT

— A (@lykaaaaaaaa_) January 15, 2018

may mukha ng lalaki sa left side na ash tpos ung lava hugis girl na nakaharap sa boy. pic.twitter.com/cNWznQ5iLB

— baby shark tuTOROTOT (@KatNyel2526) January 16, 2018

I…kind of drew her. Can't resist. Ang ganda niya eh… pic.twitter.com/rj1ShbFMEw

— work and merch (@raiden0vitch) January 16, 2018

The Legend of Daragang Magayon pic.twitter.com/y99lGxLYXE

— baby shark tuTOROTOT (@KatNyel2526) January 16, 2018

They even cited the resemblance of Mayon to Moana’s Te Fiti.


— PHIL (@JustPhilOnline) January 16, 2018

MOANAAA pic.twitter.com/IQfg2wQoY3

— Faith San Diego. (@FeytiSandiego) January 16, 2018

Maybe it’s just “Pareidolia” or our tendency to interpret random images, formations, patterns of lights or shadows, as faces. Or maybe it’s Magayon and Panganoron’s way of making their presence felt and showing us how their love for each other is still as fiery as Mayon Volcano’s lava.

It's delusional for others but it's very romantic for me. Not just the story or the myth but also the people who still believe in our Kwentong Bayan. Actually, I think it's everyone's responsibility to spread and conserve the myth for next generations. Good Job, kababayan!

— Mylene (@MyleneSunday) January 16, 2018

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