Germany’s first sex doll brothel proves popular among men of all ages

October 20th, 2017

On a red-lit street in Dortmund stands Germany’s first sex doll brothel.

Bordoll, a portmanteau of the words “bordello” (brothel) and “doll,” is run by 29-year-old Evelyn Schwarz.

Evelyn Schwarz preparing one of the dolls.

She purchased 11 silicon dolls and rents them out for €70 (approximately P4,800) per hour. Schwarz came up with the idea for Bordoll while doing a project in the S&M scene.

Each 30 kg. doll has its own name, comes in different heights, hair color, and breast sizes, and are categorized on the Bordoll website as “real,” “skinny,” “fantasy,” or “anime.” Each sex doll cost Schwarz £1,786 (approximately P121,000). She imported them from Asia, and describes them as “extremely high quality.”

“The ladies are real dream women… always willing… uncomplicated,” the Bordoll website states. The dolls are so popular that Schwarz claims they are being used up to 12 times a day.

She claims that 70 percent of her clientele—comprised of men of all ages and professions—are return customers. Some of them reportedly have “tolerant” wives who patiently wait outside while they have sex with the silicon dolls. Customers are also free to bring outfits for the dolls to dress in.

Sex industry experts expect more sex dolls to be made available in brothels, as people with doll fetishes are one of the fastest growing segments of the sex industry.

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