Filipino celeb family trees show the power of networking (in your own fam?)

December 10th, 2021

Have you ever made a new friend or mentioned someone new to your parents for the first time, and one of their first few follow up questions was something along the lines of “what’s their last name?” 

One can tell quite a bit based off of someone’s last name, albeit not all the Cruz’s and Reyes’ of the world are related to one another — though in the Filipino showbiz world… it seems like most of them do have some type of connection to one another. 

Twitter user gabey (@gabeyboomer) posted a thread compiling all the family trees released by ABS-CBN entertainment. If a picture can speak a thousand words, maybe these ones might have something to say about nepotism in the entertainment industry… 

The thread contains multiple family tree photos, also including sources other than ABS-CBN, from the gut-needing Gutierrez’s to “The many loves of Dolphy”. 

The thread maps out quite clearly how many Filipino celebrities are somehow interconnected with one another, either by blood or by marriage. 

The thread may also present some surprise attacks of people you may not have known that are actually related to one another. 

Twitter user gabey playfully alludes to families from Game of Thrones, and the comparison seems quite appropriate. 

Included in the thread as well, gabey brought back a genealogy of the Philippine presidents, which serves as a “perfect manifestation of decades of intermarriage between the rich, elite and powerful”. 

Not to undermine any trials and tribulations that the offspring of these family trees may have gone through (or discredit the hard work of their forefathers), but it is giving very much– 


nepotism #fyp #foryou #pov they be exposing their connections 😭 if your parents have connections, that is a WHOLE connection

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