TEN paints a picture of a fun kind of love for solo SM Station release

August 10th, 2021

Baby, be my weekend~

NCTzens, WayShenNies and 10velys are all over Ten as he finally releases his latest solo track, “Paint Me Naked” on August 10, 2021 at 6 P.M. KST. 

The Thai K-Pop star’s latest release is part of the fourth season of SM Entertainment’s digital single project, SM Station. The digital project was first formed back in 2016 to showcase the label’s artists and producers, sometimes in collaboration with artists from other companies. This release also marks his 3rd track under the project, following “Dream in a Dream” in 2017 and “New Heroes” in 2018. 

“Paint Me Naked” is a rock and pop song that showcases Ten’s flawless vocals and versatile artistry. The music video itself is a work of art and a representation of Ten’s creativity the song’s choreography and styling. It’s an English track with lyrics talking about young love. 

Fans are in a whirlwind of emotions after hearing and watching his latest music video, expressing their love and admiration towards Ten on social media. WayV members themselves have shown their support for their fellow member on their social media accounts. 

Watch TEN’s colorful and picture-perfect music video here. 


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