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Filipino artist Tarantadong Kalbo immortalizes the cry of taking a stand

If you have been on Twitter for the last few days, you have probably seen the hashtag ‘Tumindig’ topping the trending list. 

On Saturday, July 17, satirical cartoonist Kevin Eric Raymundo, the artist behind Tarantadong Kalbo, posted a digital drawing of fists bowing down in obedience except for one. Hence, the title of the post is dubbed ‘Tumindig.’

Raymundo illustrated columns of fist-shaped individuals to signify the fist bump gesture of the Duterte administration. The attention of his digital art is focused on one fist standing up— representing a raised fist as a sign of protest.

Local artists, activists, and non-governmental organizations are responding to Raymundo’s call to action by adding their own avatars. Many are also associating his art with the upcoming presidential election.

On July 20, Raymundo posted the complete entries of the call with a caption, “Artista ng Bayan, Ngayon ay Lumalaban!” Fist-shaped avatars are still approaching on Twitter as of date to support the message of Tarantadong Kalbo.

Meanwhile, the fist bump is a signature gesture of a political party and an indication of a political alliance. In 2017, two uniformed men of the Philippine Army refused to do the fist bump.

One of them is Col. Mike Logico, a critic of the President’s neutrality in the West Philippine Sea. Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto was also caught not doing the signature pose of the current administration in 2019 at the relaunch of the Pasig River Ferry Service. 

Tarantadong Kalbo is recognized for his artworks that contain critical commentary to the current administration. As art serves as a political witness that mirrors society, artists, on the other hand, are today’s unsung defenders of our liberty.


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